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Excellent ideas and the best tips to keep garage doors working safely and properly, just scroll below

Discover a range of useful tips about automatic garage doors and their components. They are easy to understand and simple to apply. Get one step closer to enjoying optimal performance, safety and security. Start reading now. 

  • Inspect your garage door monthly

    One of the most important things homeowners forget about to prevent garage door related injuries is to perform regular monthly inspections. Open and close your door a couple of times and listen to see if you hear any strange noises. Is it moving up and down smoothly and just as quickly as in the past? Check the gears and cables, and if there's any sign of trouble, give our technicians a call to schedule a thorough inspection to make sure your door is ready for the cold winter months ahead.

  • Don't underestimate the importance of repairs

    When garage door parts are damaged or worn for any reason, repairing them immediately is highly recommended by our specialists. When you take care of such problems right away, you will avoid accidents, bigger problems, future costly repairs, or even the replacement of parts.

  • Invest in the right motors

    If your garage is detached from the house, a chain drive garage door opener won't bother you with its noise. Belt drive motors, however, are best for garages close to bedrooms. Pick the right horsepower to ensure the opener is strong enough to lift the door.

  • Get a new opener if the previous one is too old

    A new garage door opener will give you greater security and lower your operation and maintenance costs. You will enjoy a much higher level of safety as well. You can select from a lot of competitively priced models available for sale.

  • Run a test on the safety sensors regularly

    You simply need to move an object such as a broomstick in front of them while the door is closing down. The door should stop immediately and reverse. Our experts in San Mateo recommend that you run this test on a frequent basis.

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