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Garage Door Springs

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When it comes to extension spring repair, our friendly professionals are ready to help your garage door to open and close once again.Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

There are two major kinds of garage door springs, both of which may prove incredibly difficult to repair. The extension springs are located on the arm that raises and lowers the garage door. However, these springs are kept under very high levels of tension, and therefore can be very dangerous. If they become disconnected from their proper location, they might even come loose, and bounce around the garage causing damage and even injury.

Extension Springs

In those situations where you need extension spring replacement or extension spring repair, you want to make sure you find a repair company that is not only a great value, but also has the necessary expertise. That’s where our trained, friendly professionals come in! Why run the risks of causing injury to either yourself or your property by attempting to replace your broken springs yourself? Whether you have a Sears opener, or one made by any other company, like Genie or Chamberlain, our fast and well-trained team is prepared to come help you with all of your extension spring needs!

Don’t hesitate, get your broken springs repaired today, and get back into your garage!

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